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blatant t-shirts's archives

our promotion is still on….

by lostasylum | July 20th, 2011 

We’ve had a few questions that people have been asking us, and it’s usually this: “Is the promotion still on ah??” Well, YES would be the resounding answer from us. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, then please look no further and click HERE to find out more….

Anyways, this is gonna be a short post. We just want to let you know that we’ve been still selling t-shirts despite the lack of updates on this website, and that we’re still alive. If you look at the “Shop” page, you’ll realise that a lot of sizes have suddenly gone into the “Sold Out” category. So, we’ve updated the page and hopefully, this should help you to know whether your favourite design still has the size that you’re looking for… =)

If you’re ready to order, please go to our ONLINE SHOP page!!!…. thanks and have a nice day!

our first 2 designs for 2011 are here!!

by lostasylum | January 4th, 2011 

Yesterday, we promised that we would give you the new simplyblatant© designs. Well, today, we deliver on that promise with our first 2 designs for the year twentyeleven, and here they are!!!

The first design, LOCAL PRODUCTS is an ol’ skool inspired minimalist design, while HUMPTY DUMPTY is the first our nursery rhyme series that isn’t meant for kids… =). As usual, all our designs are printed on 100% cotton t-shirts and also available in baby-t sizes.

To celebrate the launch of these 2 new designs, we are gonna go crazy and offer you this deal: BUY ANY OF THE NEW DESIGNS (LOCAL PRODUCTS or HUMPTY DUMPTY), AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE T-SHIRT!!!* This means, if you buy 1 Local Product design and 1 Humpty Dumpty design, instead of getting 2 t-shirts, we will give you an extra 2 t-shirts. If you buy 10 t-shirts of the new design, we will give you 10 extra t-shirts!! Where possible, the free t-shirt included will be of the same size as the ordered design. If the exact same size is unavailable, the closest match will be provided. This promotion will run until the next batch of designs come out or while stocks last. Now this is definitely a really good deal!

Well, what are you waiting for? START ORDERING!!! =)

*NOTE: Buyers will have to bear the cost of delivery and design of free t-shirt(s) is decided by simplyblatant©.

allergic to stupidity….

by lostasylum | April 16th, 2010 

Our last design explanation was the konfewsd design which was all the way back in February.

Seriously, is it just me or does time seem to go faster and faster… 2009 was fast, but 2010 really seems to be in a rush!

Ok, so let’s not get sidetracked…. let’s talk about allergies… what is an allergy? The definition (which you can also google yourself) indicates an abnormal reaction in the body towards the allergen. In some cases, the body exhibits hypersensitivity…..

People usually associate allergies with common allergens like pollen, dust, peanuts and the like, but in real life, there are other things that provoke the same kind of bodily convulsions and reactions… and we thought it’d be good to highlight something that’s pretty common these days.. stupidity. =)

Some folks have commented about this design saying that we’re being very mean. But think about it… it’s ok to play the fool and just have fun, but to act like a jerk isn’t a character trait that many people would like in a personality. So, to us, unless you’re a chronic stupid person, there is no reason to feel threatened…. =)

If you’re not sure which design in particular we’re talking about, this is the t-shirt in question…

Our baby-t sizes are all sold out for this design, but the rest of the sizes are still available. So, if you would like to order your designs, do pay a visit to our ORDER PAGE.

We’ll be back next week with more news (we’re hoping to give you some good news next week) and more updates, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a great weekend and be happy!

it’s been awhile…

by lostasylum | April 14th, 2010 

No, we’re not singing that famous song by the band Staind. It’s just that it really has been awhile since our last update…. but sing that song is already in my head, I think I might as well sing it….

But anyway, just to give you guys some updates about what’s happening in the world of blatant©…..

Firstly, we’re already in the midst of getting our 2 new designs finalised, which hopefully will be ready by early next month… the theme (tentatively) of the first one design will be “local” and the second will most probably be “nursery rhyme”. So yeah, get excited about that and wait for it.. =)

Secondly, we’re also trying to get into Urbanscapes for 2010, after failing to get in last year… so, if you guys know anyone who can help us, give us a holler!

Finally, since our last post about the stock updates.. more stock have moved and we’re running low / sold out on some…..

stock updates….

by lostasylum | March 18th, 2010 

We know that some people are just way too lazy to go on over to our ORDER PAGE to see what sizes are still available for our designs…. =)

But since we’re nice people (and also because of the recent t-shirt sales from Art for Grabs), we’re dedicating today’s post to update you on the sizes that have been sold out or only have 1 piece remaining….

The biggest news of the day however, belongs to a design that was THOUGHT to be sold our during our Art for Grabs event. We even sold the samples! But we have just seen ONE MORE PIECE that we missed out from our stock…..

And because we made the mistake of saying that it’s already sold out, this last piece of the “CAFFEINE ADDICT” design will be shipped FREE OF CHARGE (within Peninsula Malaysia) to whoever buys it! Well, what are you waiting for then??

For more information and to order, do click on our ORDER PAGE.

Till the next time folks… =)