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sup buntut, allergy to stupidity and being semi-mental

by lostasylum | March 4th, 2010 

And suddenly, we’re only 2 days (excluding today-lah) away from the first edition of Art for Grabs for the year 2010! Once again, blatant© has been given the privilege of being part of this creative and arts bazaar and we would like to invite YOU to join us!

The theme of the event this time is entitled ART FOR GRABS March 2010: Slurp it Up with a pretty catchy design as well… =)

For those of you of who are using IE browsers, you will have to make do with the image below because for some reason, the browser (stupid mikrolembik company) just won’t show the official flyer above…. sheesh.. =)

    Date: Saturday, 6th March 2010 - Sunday, 7th March 2010
    Venue: Annexe Gallery, Central Market (downtown KL)
    Opening hours: 12pm - 8pm

We at blatant© are extremely excited about this weekend’s event because our NEW! designs are ready and will be sold there! This is just hot off the oven so you know this is the first time anyone is seeing it!

Of course, as our usual modus operandi, we will definitely get around to explaining our designs, but for now, the short review would be to say that fun was what we had in mind and these two designs are specifically targeted to those who have a specific type of allergy and the other for those who are on the other spectrum of being sentimental… =)

PS - The new designs will be available for online order starting next Monday… so if you’re dying to get your hands on it first, come on down to Central Market this weekend…

This will be our third time participating in this event and it’s always been fun because there are ALWAYS loads of stuff to see (50 vendors) PLUS they always have very interesting screenings and other supporting events…. these are some of the events that will be happening during the Art for Grabs event:

For more detailed information on the events that are happening and regarding Art for Grabs in general, do head over to the ANNEXE GALLERY WEBSITE… we hope to see you guys there to have fun with us….

To those of you having a bad week, hang it there! It’s only 2 more days till the weekend… =)

presenting: blatant’s latest design!

by lostasylum | September 1st, 2009 

Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at what our new design was gonna look like…

Well, today, we give you: blatant©’s August offering!

the latest blatant design

Can you see what we’ve done differently this time round? If you can, let’s see whether you’ve gotten it right. =) For those who can’t, well, try harder next time….

Anyways, the main change that we’ve done this time is that it is motif driven and not image driven as what we did for our Awesome Foursome designs. But that’s not the only change…. let’s take a closer look shall we?

the latest blatant design closeup

YES, we puffed up the words “One is better than None”! Pretty neat eh? Yups, we promised that we would do something different for this design, and we’d like to think that we’ve managed to deliver… =)

Not only that, we managed to get our fabulous models (that’s us dummy!) to model the shirts just for you! at least you’ll be able to see what it looks like on a guy and on a girl….

Anyways, if you like what you see, it’s time to ORDER ONLINE. And just because you guys have read all the way till here, we will waive the postage fee for orders of this design made between now and Sunday, 6th September 2009 (Please note that only applies to shipments within Malaysia only).

PS - If you’re still confused about why the blatant© August offering is being launched in September, allow us to explain: The usual practise is that we produce one new design every month. However, due to some production issues, the launch was delayed and hence you have an August offering in September….but not to worry, the September design is already in the works… =)

a peek at blatant’s august offering…

by lostasylum | August 26th, 2009 

In July, we launched the Awesome Foursome t-shirt designs and we’re very happy with the reception it has garnered amongst the bFFs (blatant© Friends and Fans)

We were quite silent in the month of August with regards to our new t-shirt design… that’s not because we weren’t doing anything about it. Only that we were having some timeline problems with the production of it…. but like we’ve always said… if we cannot get the design out in time for the month, we will make sure that we’ll make up for it…

But back to the issue at hand.. our august design is almost ready, (although most probably it will spill over into September since 31st August is our national holiday) and we want to give all our loyal bFFs a peek at the new design….

….of course, we had to distort it lah ! We can’t show you everything now..if not, where’s the suspense???!! =)

However, there’s one thing that we can assure you: we’ll be doing something that we’ve not done before with our previous designs…. we’ve given you catchy designs with fancy words, and more recently, we’ve done cartoon styled designs packed with wit and colour.. so what could we be doing this time round? Well…. stayed tuned then….

the awesome foursome…

by lostasylum | July 21st, 2009 

We promised that during b@be, blatant© would launch 4 of our brand new designs. Those of you who follow our articles regularly would’ve seen the photos that we uploaded of the event and read about our write-up of the event.

We also promised that these 4 new designs would be available for online purchase after the event. Those who remembered asked about it and were wondering where it was. In fact, it’s been available since last week! The only catch was that, since we were talking about b@be, we only placed the designs in the ORDER page without being able to really publicise it.

So, today, we would like to officially introduce our awesome foursome to our online BFFs (blatant© fans and friends)!


Hope you guys like our latest offering of the awesome foursome. We’ll be discussing them in more detail with more photos next week so keep checking ok?

If you like what you see, you can purchase these t-shirts with us via our ONLINE ORDER PAGE.

PS: blatant© will be setting up shop in another venue again this week (Friday, 24th July 2009 - Saturday, 25th July 2009). We were invited to sell our apparel at a youth conference called Influence 09. We can’t invite all of you to join us because you will need to register for the conference, but we will make sure that we’ll take loads of photos (as we always do!) and post it up for you to see ok? =)

blatant @ bangsar experiment (b@be) - Updates

by lostasylum | July 8th, 2009 

Hey there everybody, we’re back with more updates about our blatant© @ bangsar experiment (b@be)… yeah, we like the name too… =)

To make this Saturday’s bazaar event that much more tempting and the experience that much sweeter, every purchase of 2 t-shirts will come with a free gift! …. besides getting that free gift from us, shoppers who spend more than RM150 in total at the bazaar will be eligible to receive Forever21 vouchers worth RM50!

Anyway, here’s a very simple layout of the bazaar that’s gonna be happening this Saturday so that you guys will know where to go once you reach MIST.

Area 1 is basically the courtyard area where people who don’t like indoors can hang out. This is also the only place where nicotine addicts can get their fix as the other 2 areas are strictly non-smoking. Area 2 is basically where all the vendors (including blatant©) will be placed, while Area 3 will be a lounging area for people to hang out in the premises. There will also be exhibitions happening at Area 3, so there’s quite a lot of things to see besides just shopping…

We’ve also put added an updated map for directions to MIST @ Bangsar just in case our previous map wasn’t clear enough… .

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!