Yesterday, we promised that we would give you the new simplyblatant© designs. Well, today, we deliver on that promise with our first 2 designs for the year twentyeleven, and here they are!!!

The first design, LOCAL PRODUCTS is an ol’ skool inspired minimalist design, while HUMPTY DUMPTY is the first our nursery rhyme series that isn’t meant for kids… =). As usual, all our designs are printed on 100% cotton t-shirts and also available in baby-t sizes.

To celebrate the launch of these 2 new designs, we are gonna go crazy and offer you this deal: BUY ANY OF THE NEW DESIGNS (LOCAL PRODUCTS or HUMPTY DUMPTY), AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE T-SHIRT!!!* This means, if you buy 1 Local Product design and 1 Humpty Dumpty design, instead of getting 2 t-shirts, we will give you an extra 2 t-shirts. If you buy 10 t-shirts of the new design, we will give you 10 extra t-shirts!! Where possible, the free t-shirt included will be of the same size as the ordered design. If the exact same size is unavailable, the closest match will be provided. This promotion will run until the next batch of designs come out or while stocks last. Now this is definitely a really good deal!

Well, what are you waiting for? START ORDERING!!! =)

*NOTE: Buyers will have to bear the cost of delivery and design of free t-shirt(s) is decided by simplyblatant©.

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