While some people see the new year as a +1 being added to the year column, it’s always a happy time for us here at simplyblatant©. For us, each new year always brings new joy and new hope, and it’s always something that we look forward to even as we bid farewell to the year gone by.

So, even as twentyeleven is now upon us, we would like to share our excitement with you. First off, we’ve got 2 BRAND NEW DESIGNS that will be put up by the end of this week, and the second is that, to make up for our silence during the year end period, we will be celebrating the arrival of these 2 new designs with a crazy promotion that we haven’t done before. Oh yes, twentyeleven has definitely arrived… =)

Lastly, we would like wish all of you, our fans and friends who have always supported us…….

Don’t forget to check back before the week is out for our new designs and a promotion to kick off twentyeleven with a big bang!

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