No, we’re not singing that famous song by the band Staind. It’s just that it really has been awhile since our last update…. but sing that song is already in my head, I think I might as well sing it….

But anyway, just to give you guys some updates about what’s happening in the world of blatant©…..

Firstly, we’re already in the midst of getting our 2 new designs finalised, which hopefully will be ready by early next month… the theme (tentatively) of the first one design will be “local” and the second will most probably be “nursery rhyme”. So yeah, get excited about that and wait for it.. =)

Secondly, we’re also trying to get into Urbanscapes for 2010, after failing to get in last year… so, if you guys know anyone who can help us, give us a holler!

Finally, since our last post about the stock updates.. more stock have moved and we’re running low / sold out on some…..

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