We know that some people are just way too lazy to go on over to our ORDER PAGE to see what sizes are still available for our designs…. =)

But since we’re nice people (and also because of the recent t-shirt sales from Art for Grabs), we’re dedicating today’s post to update you on the sizes that have been sold out or only have 1 piece remaining….

The biggest news of the day however, belongs to a design that was THOUGHT to be sold our during our Art for Grabs event. We even sold the samples! But we have just seen ONE MORE PIECE that we missed out from our stock…..

And because we made the mistake of saying that it’s already sold out, this last piece of the “CAFFEINE ADDICT” design will be shipped FREE OF CHARGE (within Peninsula Malaysia) to whoever buys it! Well, what are you waiting for then??

For more information and to order, do click on our ORDER PAGE.

Till the next time folks… =)

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