Did any of you go to the ANNEXE GALLERY WEBSITE website to check out what they wrote for the latest edition of Art for Grabs? For those of you who didn’t go the website, this was how they previewed the event:

“Anxious about caning? Afraid of being probed? Angry and tired and waiting in a towel? The first Art For Grabs of 2010 is here to heal your soul (and protect your buntut) with art and other distractions. With 50 stalls selling drawings, handmade crafts and accessories, plus talks, book launch and films, The Annexe Gallery’s art bazaar offers you enough goodies to give you a sense of safety in this time of orificial invasion. But please don’t forget your towel. No one is that safe.” - Annexe Gallery

Quite the introduction don’t you think? heheh… But anyways, for those of you who went, we are SURE that you guys enjoyed yourselves. We’ve yet to actually hear anyone say that they the event sucked or that they weren’t impressed with wide range of Malaysian artistry and creativity.

Instead, what we have had are people who were very happy with what they saw and what they bought… here are a couple of blogs who blogged about their Art for Grabs blatant© experience:

The Ranting Cynic and Kancing Itu Butang

If you know of any other blogs who blogged about their Art for Grabs blatant© experience, do drop a line in our comment section yeah?

But in the meantime, here are photos of OUR experience at the recent Art for Grabs…..we’ve included little anecdotal nuggets in the photos themselves, so do click on the photos and view them in full size if you’re unable to read the text….

We had a little surprise for the Art for Grabs event this time, as we allowed EVERY purchase of a blatant© t-shirt to take part in a lucky draw where you could actually win another blatant© t-shirt! Most people didn’t want to believe us until this happened…. =)

Anyways, we enjoyed getting to know new friends, seeing old friends and seeing happy faces all around… but there’s always something special waiting around the corner, like this next picture…

We’ve also compiled a few photos about the other vendors who were part of the Art for Grabs event this time round. Some of them you are regulars as well, just like the Dollhouse & Miniature Association of Malaysia… the previous time they participated, they created a Pasar Malam atmosphere… this time, it was all about makan places… truly amazing….

And finally, we must give a HUGE thank you to the folks who run ANNEXE GALLERY for creating a space where Malaysian creativity can be found and enjoyed. We only managed to take a photo of the person in charge, but there are actually 3 of them…

This post took quite a while to get publish (because there were a LOT of photos to go through), but we hope that the photos and writeup make up for the lateness… Have a great week ahead!

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