Our last XXL t-shirt for our konfewsd design got sold yesterday. So we now have no more 3XL and XXL for this design. As expected, this design has been the hot favourite in recent weeks (no doubt helped by the fact that RED is an absolutely auspicious colour for those celebrating the coming Chinese New Year)…

So, what is the konfewsd design all about? We’ve had people asking us what it means while others have been trying to guess what they think it means…. but nothing beats hearing it from the horses mouth isn’t it?

If you notice, this design is quite unlike other blatant© designs in that it doesn’t have a slogan or tag line that explains the graphics. In fact, the graphic of the lightbulb, traditionally a symbol of a great idea, is encapsulated by a one word question. We’re basically taking a pun on established fact, and the things that we take for granted to always be true or right.

For example, for many years, humans believed that the sun circled the earth and this was accepted to be truth, the norm. When the scientist Galileo publicly supported the theory that it was the sun that was the centre of the universe and NOT the earth as was believed back then, he was scorned and called a heretic, and was shunned by philosophers and clerics. In fact, Galileo spent the last 10 years of his life under house arrest because he refused to retract his views!! And yet, today, we know for a fact, that the old fact “the earth is the centre of the universe” is a myth.

Things are not always what they seem, and we need to dig a little deeper. But digging deeper sometimes leads us to more questions instead of answers. And it’s ok to admit that we’re a little konfewsd, instead of taking sides without ascertaining the validity of what we take for granted to be true or right. konfewsd?

You can order our konfewsd design from our ORDER PAGE. Postage within Malaysia is only RM6 via Pos Laju.

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