There’s only 1 more day to our ONE DAY only blatant© CNY promotion…. and we promised you that it would be something that you wouldn’t wanna miss….

I think that logo should ring quite a few bells in your heads. If it doesn’t, you’re either not a coffee person, or you’ve been living in a cave for too long… =)

So anyway, we’ll be giving away STARBUCKS vouchers during our promotion day tomorrow. We will confirm that it’s NOT going to be a buy 1 free 1 voucher, it’s NOT going to be a 20% off voucher. They’re gonna be CA$H vouchers. Oh yeah…. all the caffeine senses should be tingling right about now… =)

We hope you’re as excited as we are, cause right now, we’re just about ready to jump around in glee (no pun intended to the series).

Remember, it’s gonna be a 1 day promotion only, and it’s gonna happen on Friday, 5 February 2010

HINT: You can start checking around 3am on the 5th of Feb, 2010.

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