It’s 2010 and it seems like 2009 flew by so quickly without even saying hello or goodbye… and in fact, now suddenly, it’s already 22 days into 2010!!!! Where does all the time go? =)

Anyways, we’d like start off our first post of 2010 by talking about an event that happened in 2009. Our regular readers would know that our favourite event is the Art for Grabs event that happens at the Annexe Gallery in Central Market almost every other quarter (we think). Anyways, we managed to get a spot there again for the December edition of it and this time, we were afforded a very nice space where we could decorate our place and make it feel like our place…and of course, it wouldn’t be blatant© if we didn’t spend time clowning around now would it? =)

NOTE: As usual, to enlarge the images, please click on the photos

Well, apparently, there are some people who can’t seem to get enough of this clowning around, so we just had to bear with it… (but since she’s the chief creative person, I guess it’s ok lah… we give chance)

This was how our booth looked like…

… we had loads of buyers from all walks of life…

And the very satisfying part was that we were dealing with a predominantly new crowd of people who were introduced to the blatant© of humour and wit…

We were terribly honoured when one of our local writers Amir Muhammad (of “Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things” and “Yasmin Ahmad’s Films” fame) found our t-shirts attractive and bought one for himself! He’s the intelligent looking man on the right in the picture above. Amir, don’t kill us ok? =)

We were having loads of fun just being there, and the happiness was quite apparent don’t you think?

But we have saved the best picture for last. We would like to introduce the most excited new fan that we have seen in blatant© history.

She’s also our youngest customer we’ve ever had. She really liked the t-shirt and insisted her mom get it for her even though it’s a tad bit big for her… after buying it, she wore it on and gave us the wonderful picture above.. =)

We were really tired by the time the 2 day event drew to a close, but we really had so much fun. It wasn’t just the watching our merchandise get appreciated, but we ourselves had a lot of fun exploring the other booths and seeing all the creativity that was there… we actually spent quite a bit on buying a lot of things there as well… heheh…

But anyways, we’ll be back next to tell the story of our KONFEWSD t-shirt, which apparently has gotten more than quite a few people confused, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend and be safe!

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