December is always a welcomed month for most of us… it’s the end of the year where we look forward to school holidays, finishing up unused leave days and of course, year end sales!… and we’re no different! We love the year end and we wanna share the joy with you….

For this post, we’ll be letting you know where you can find us and our products in December. After that, we’ll let you know what promotions are in store for all our faithful bFFs. And last, but not least, we’ll talk about our new designs….

This is gonna be a long post, but trust us, it’s worth your while…


1. blatant @ MMU (part 2)

We were at MMU a little while back and we’re going back again.

Here are the details:

    Date: Monday, 7th Dec 2009 - Wednesday, 9th Dec 2009
    Venue: Misri Plaza, Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya.
    Opening hours: 9am - 5pm

So, what can you look forward to when you go the booth again this time?

    a) 2 new designs will available. We can safely say that these 2 designs have been requested for quite a while, but those who go to our booth there will get first choice, first view. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. =)
    b) There will be discounts for all our t-shirts that are sold there (except the 2 new designs).
    c) In addition to blatant© t-shirts, expect to see booths selling SOFT TOYS, HERBAL EGGS, DRINKS & SANDWICHES. That’s so that you can eat while you browse through stuff on sale… just don’t dirty the stuff there yeah? heheh…

For those of you who have no idea where Misri Plaza is, please refer to the map given below (please click on the map to enlarge it).


2. blatant @ Art For Grabs (part 2)

Yes, our favourite event is back, and we’ll be back with them! It was absolutely wonderful and so much fun the last time we were there back in September 09 and we managed get a booth again for the Christmas Edition….

Here are the details:

    Date: Saturday, 12th Dec 2009 - Sunday, 13th Dec 2009
    Venue: Annexe Gallery, Central Market (downtown KL)
    Opening hours: 12pm - 8pm (Please don’t mix this time up with our MMU times…. )

What is different about this booth compared to the MMU booth?

    a) ANOTHER 2 new designs will be available (not the 2 we will launch in MMU). Interested yet? =)
    b) We will giving away a FREE GIFT for EVERY 2 t-shirts bought.
    c) All vendors have already been requested to plan with Christmas in mind, so get ready to do your Christmas shopping!
    d) There will be LOADS of vendors there… read our previous experience there to get an idea….

. More information will come as the we near the dates… For now, remember our dates @ MMU first…


3. December ONLINE promotion!!

From today, ALL WAY TILL 31 December 2009, all online orders will be posted absolutely FREE OF CHARGE* for every purchase of 2 t-shirts and above.

* Valid only for purchases within Peninsula Malaysia


4. Our new designs!

Ok folks…. we’re gonna spill more beans about this… we will be launching FOUR new designs in the coming week. The launch details are as follows:

    blatant @ MMU (7 - 9 Dec 2009): 2 new designs
    blaant @ Art for Grabs (12 - 12 Dec 2009): Additional 2 new designs

If you do not want to be disappointed, we suggest you head over to one of the 2 events to check it out first hand. Just FYI, there are 2 Christmas designs in the 4 that will be launched.


Phew… that was one long post alright… heheh.. don’t worry, we will keep updating you about everything that will be happening in the coming days and weeks… but we thought we’d give you guys a heads up and keep you on your toes first… have a great week ahead!

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