We know that Christmas is around the corner… from the release of Jim Carrey’s “A Christmas Carol” to decorations that are starting to sprout all over shopping complexes and shops, it’s quite apparent more and more people are getting ready for it…. =)

For us at blatant©, another tell tale sign that Christmas is coming is when we start getting a flurry of emails asking us where and when they can get our Christmas designs.. we’ve even been getting SMS / text messages reminding us that Christmas is around the corner (and therefore implying that our designs should be out by now)! =)

But anyway, please bear with us because year end madness has descended upon this small little outfit and we’re literally praying for extra hours in a day to get everything done and sorted out. However, regardless of everything that is happening, we will be having our Christmas designs for this year.

More information will be coming your way next week… promise!
Have a great weekend (for the Selangor folks), and happy working for the KL folks…

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