Here’s an interesting newspaper article that was forwarded to us by one of our bFFs (blatant© Friends and Fans)…..

Of course, some might wonder what’s so special about it… well, if you wanna know, go read the article.. it’s really worth it. Now that you’ve read the article, the special (i.e. interesting) part is in the picture portion… heheh… gotcha! So anyway, here’s the special part…

If you have been faithfully following our site, and more specifically our custom series, you would recognise the t-shirt in the picture to be the tamikusa design we created for a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank…. read more about it here: TAMIKUSA POWER

We MUST thank our bFF kida-san for not only noticing this in the newspapers, but also taking the effort to scan it and send it to us! Granted, she sent it to an email that is hardly used now, but we finally found it and now, we can proudly say that, our t-shirt came out in the newpapers! =)

It’s not like they came over and interviewed us lah, but hey, we’ll take this form of publicity as well! heheh…

PS - We’ve been neglecting our custom series for a while now, not because we want to, but because we’ve just had too much to update…. but don’t worry, we will keep updating it whenever we can. We’ve got loads to update for the custom series… it’s just the matter of time and timing… Thanks for your understanding and patience! =)

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