Hey there everyone.. just in case you were too preoccupied with the WAR t-shirt launch last week that you forgot to read the bottom portion of the post, here’s a plug for our latest location…

blatant© is at Cyberjaya!!!! Specifically, our goods are being sold in Multimedia University Cyberjaya where we’re helping to do fundraising for MMUCS’ upcoming Agape event to held early next year….

Here’s the e-flyer that’s been given sent out and used on blogs…

Cute isn’t it? But anyways, here are TWO GREAT REASONS why you should be heading to Cyberjaya straight away:

1. A portion of the proceeds go directly to helping fund the upcoming Agape event.
2. We hear a little bird tell us that there are DISCOUNTS on our merchandise there….

Well, there’s 1 week left for this fundraising event, so we suggest you go chcek out while stocks last… =)

Have a great week ahead folks!

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