We promised last week that our new design would be out… and here it is!

Since our theme is about WAR, we chose to go with a green t-shirt design with war like print design; A bleeding dove (traditionally a symbol of peace) sits atop 3 grenades in a pool of blood. And then the question is asked: WAR IN THE NAME OF PEACE?

While we are not pacifists, we definitely do question about the damage that is caused because of war, even if it is in the name of peace. A long time ago, we posted up an article about the brutal and grave consequences of World War II. You can read all about the number of civilians who died and it’s cost to the countries involved.

We at blatant© believe that it is foolhardy to give a straight “yes” or “no” answer because this is an issue that is not so easily solved. However, we would want all of you to think with us about whether war in the name of peace is something that can be averted.

Along with this design is also something different from our previous designs… the blatant© logo is not in the normal places (centre-back, or sleeve)… we decided to put it along the shoulder… like it? =)

As usual, our t-shirts will be available from our ONLINE ORDER PAGE. However, this time round, our t-shirts will also be traveling to Multimedia University Cyberjaya campus from Wednesday, 4th Nov 2009 - Friday, 13th Nov 2009. Yup, it’s gonna be a week long event with other goodies on sale as well… so, if you the type who likes to feel the shirt, touch it, smell it, hug it and all first, then head on down to MMU Cyberjaya! =)

Have a great week ahead folks!

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