Yes folks, it’s Friday, and we promised that we would give a little teaser about our latest design… the theme for this new t-shirt is WAR….

What about it then? Well, you’ll just have to wait till Monday to find out… BUT, as usual, we’ll “leak” a little bit of it.. blurred out as usual.. but you’ll be glad to know that it’s NOT black this time. =)

But in the meantime, one of singers that I used to love when I was younger was a man called Bruce Springsteen. Well, he did a cover of Edwin Starr’s song called “War” and I thought it’d be a good way to count down to our new t-shirt design on Monday. Watch the video of this song and let’s see how many of you know which movie did this song appear in… =) (no prizes for guessing it correct though. It’s TOO easy!)

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you Monday!

Colin blatant©

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