Hi Everyone…. thank you all very much for your feedback and compliments (especially in Facebook!) after we posted up our The Awesome Foursome explained… (part 1) . It gives us great joy to know that our efforts and endeavours are appreciated.. =)… but let us not digress from the purpose of this post…

So, back to our awesome foursome explanation, here comes part 2 of the BTS…..



In a day and age where everything is relative and anything goes, faith is something that gets derided often, especially by those who think that faith is just misplaced hope. While there is truth that misplaced faith is dangerous, we believe that faith plays a significant part in our lives; It gives you a reason to carry on, it gives meaning to what you want to achieve and a hope that it’s worth it. You don’t have faith because someone else believes it to be so. You have faith because YOU believe it to be so.

But it is exactly for these reasons that the basis of your faith / belief, regardless of whether it is in a person, thing or event, must be founded upon something concrete, something tangible, a truth that you’d be willing to defend. Otherwise, you’ll be as foolish as the guy in our cartoon, if not worse… =)

Like the design loudly proclaims…. FAITH DOES NOT MEAN LEAVING YOUR BRAINS BEHIND


Ah, this is one of our wacky designs which we did more for the fun than anything else. =) We’ve been participating in bazaars and we really noticed how the fairer of our species can really shop! We previously had 2 designs in 4 colours made specially just for the ladies, while we’ve only had 1 design specifically for guys… so we thought this would be a nice addition to our blatant© collection.

We drew the picture of lady being arrested by a police officer for causing the demise of her partner… her crime: SHOPPING TILL HE DROPPED! It’s just a funny t-shirt with a caution that when you spend, to think about your partner as well… =) Yes, yes, we’ve been butchered by several ladies already…. heheh….


We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our insights regarding the awesome foursome. We had loads of fun creating it and we hope that you’ll have just as much fun (if not more) wearing it!

If you still do not know how to get our merchandise, please ORDER ONLINE!

Don’t forget, we’ll be launching our new design with the theme of WAR next week… we’ll be giving a little teaser tomorrow, so don’t forget to check back often!

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