One of the things that we are proud to do here at blatant© is the effort we put into explaining our designs and the ideas behind it. Whether it’s part of our custom series or our blatant© t-shirt designs, we like to share with our bFFs (blatant© Friends and Fans) the adventures, thoughts and insights that made the design what it is. However, we just realised that we had actually left out the BTS (that’s Behind The Scenes for the uninitiated) for our awesome foursome!

Well then, if you’re ready, let’s dive straight into explaining our designs….



Some people have been wondering what particular animal this is and why it’s getting extinct. They probably thought we were campaigning for some animal rights or something… =) In actual fact, the “animal” we’re fighting to protect is COMMON SENSE. (Hint: look at the stripes)

Now put it all together, and you get what we’re trying to say. Ok, if you still don’t get it, what we’re trying to say is: COMMON SENSE…not so common these days. Geddit? =)

The problem with many of us today is that we’re so used to having people / media telling us what to do, what to think, how to behave that sometimes we forget that all we need is to think for ourselves and use some common sense… but not everyone wants to do that these days.. hence the reason why it’s getting extinct. To date, of all the awesome foursome, this is our best seller.


This design is a little more complicated than normal, but one of our favourites nonetheless. The images on the design depict how we’ve sugarcoated our lives, everything from what we say, what we see, what we read to what we hear. Even our media sugarcoats the information that we get. Look at the images closely and we’re quite sure you’ll find it pleasantly interesting…. =)

We’re basically trying to send out a message to the masses that’s it’s ok to speak up for what you believe in. Many times, we tend to suppress what we know is to be true or real simply because we don’t want to upset the status quo or because we don’t want to go against the flow. Well, if you’ve got something to say, say it like it is. DON’T SUGARCOAT IT.


We’ll explain our other 2 designs in part 2 of this post, but in the meantime, we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these 2 designs. If you’d like to purchase some designs, do ORDER ONLINE. So far all our online customers have been very happy with their purchase, so you don’t have to worry. =)

PS - We’ll be releasing our new design (hint:WAR) this coming Monday, so stay tuned!

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