We were dead tired by the time we left Annexe Central Market at approximately 8.30pm on Sunday night…. but it was the best event we’d ever taken part in so far…..

Our journey at Arts for Grabs - Raya Special began on Saturday, 26 September 2009. Located on the 2nd floor of Central Market Annexe, this place was tucked away in the upper reaches of the Annexe and felt every bit artsy and fartsy as one would expect..

What made the place feel alive was how the vendors took the time to decorate their respective booths…. the vendors were given total freedom to actually decorate their booths and create their own atmosphere….

blatant at arts for grabs central market blatant at arts for grabs central market

We were keen to also make our booth look good, but this being our first time participating, we didn’t actually know that such liberties like conteng-ing (drawing on the wall for those who don’t understand) the wall was allowed, but we felt our decoration still felt kinda at home.. =)

But back to the event, there were 2 adjoining main galleries which housed the 50 vendors while there was another gallery was specially used for events that coincided with Arts for Grabs event. The great part about the location of our booth was that we could see the event gallery right across from where we were… here’s a view from the outside

and another from the inside…

There were loads of things to see and the things that were on display and for sale were truly one of a kind.. for example… check out the stuff on display by the Dollhouse and Miniature Association of Malaysia… they were without a doubt the star of the event…. people were offering to buy their entire set on display!!! =)

Check out the amount of detail that goes into their miniature displays!!! =)

By late afternoon, the crowd was beginning to swell and the place was alive and rocking!

The more people, the more opportunity for blatant©! =)

We had bFFs (blatant© Friends and Fans) who came and supported the cause as as well, which we truly appreciate and enjoy… =)

And guess who we managed to take photos with?…

It was a very memorable event for us, and the sales were pretty decent too…. We’re hoping to go back there again for the next Arts for Grabs, and we’ll hope to see more of you there…. trust us, it’s worth it!

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