Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at what our new design was gonna look like…

Well, today, we give you: blatant©’s August offering!

the latest blatant design

Can you see what we’ve done differently this time round? If you can, let’s see whether you’ve gotten it right. =) For those who can’t, well, try harder next time….

Anyways, the main change that we’ve done this time is that it is motif driven and not image driven as what we did for our Awesome Foursome designs. But that’s not the only change…. let’s take a closer look shall we?

the latest blatant design closeup

YES, we puffed up the words “One is better than None”! Pretty neat eh? Yups, we promised that we would do something different for this design, and we’d like to think that we’ve managed to deliver… =)

Not only that, we managed to get our fabulous models (that’s us dummy!) to model the shirts just for you! at least you’ll be able to see what it looks like on a guy and on a girl….

Anyways, if you like what you see, it’s time to ORDER ONLINE. And just because you guys have read all the way till here, we will waive the postage fee for orders of this design made between now and Sunday, 6th September 2009 (Please note that only applies to shipments within Malaysia only).

PS - If you’re still confused about why the blatant© August offering is being launched in September, allow us to explain: The usual practise is that we produce one new design every month. However, due to some production issues, the launch was delayed and hence you have an August offering in September….but not to worry, the September design is already in the works… =)

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