In July, we launched the Awesome Foursome t-shirt designs and we’re very happy with the reception it has garnered amongst the bFFs (blatant© Friends and Fans)

We were quite silent in the month of August with regards to our new t-shirt design… that’s not because we weren’t doing anything about it. Only that we were having some timeline problems with the production of it…. but like we’ve always said… if we cannot get the design out in time for the month, we will make sure that we’ll make up for it…

But back to the issue at hand.. our august design is almost ready, (although most probably it will spill over into September since 31st August is our national holiday) and we want to give all our loyal bFFs a peek at the new design….

….of course, we had to distort it lah ! We can’t show you everything now..if not, where’s the suspense???!! =)

However, there’s one thing that we can assure you: we’ll be doing something that we’ve not done before with our previous designs…. we’ve given you catchy designs with fancy words, and more recently, we’ve done cartoon styled designs packed with wit and colour.. so what could we be doing this time round? Well…. stayed tuned then….

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