In our “no, we did not leave you for dead….” post, we mentioned that we would put up the photos of our event at the Influence Conference. We didn’t invite you guys for this particular event because it was a conference where the participants had to register to go for. However, since we were invited to open a booth there, why not? We’re nice people aren’t we? =)

Anyways, as promised, here are some photos of the event that happened on the 24th and 25th of July. Yes yes, stop giving us flak about how long it took us to put up photos from an event that happened more than 2 weeks ago.. we’re busy ok? What, you think we sit around and watch youtube all day? Heheh.. just kidding ok? Don’t marah ler…. =)

This was our booth… yeah, they gave us a nice huge area to set up our stuff… after all, they only invited 4 vendors for this event, and we are really thankful that we were one of those invited…

There were loads of people checking our stuff and it was good because these were people who had no idea who we were and had never seen our designs…

in fact, we also got a lot of international students who saw our stuff and liked it! (yay!)…

One guy was so taken by our design that he bought the shirt on the 24th and came to the conference the next day to show it off….

It was a really fun time for us and we really enjoyed ourselves. Apparently, there’s a regional conference happening in December of this year and the organisers have verbally said that they would like us to be there… we’d LOVE to be there! =)

For more photos of our event @ Influence Conference, head on over to our PHOTO PAGE.

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