The event in Lot10 has come and gone…. and now it’s time for us to review and give our feedback on the event… In case you haven’t been following our updates, blatant© was involved with the Youthopian: The Marketplace bazaar event in Lot10 last weekend. If you want to have more background about the event, you can read more here

Anyways, as you all know, based on our previous information, the event was supposed to be held at the 6th floor parking lot of Lot10, opposite their Hawker food court…..

However, what they failed to inform us was that it was gonna be hot and stuffy to the max, with most females using up their facial wipes by the packs… =) It was also a sad thing that the publicity for the event was terribly dismal and the location was less than ideal… this is how we ended up setting up our booths…

It looked pretty much like a pasar malam. The fact that we were all sweating profusely made the bazaar look even more dodgy… And of course, the icing on the cake was when we found out that they couldn’t cordon off the parking as initially promised because that was the only way cars could get to the parking on the higher floors! =) The initial excitement was fast giving way to anxiety and frustration… We kinda had the feeling that wasn’t gonna be as fun as our events in Bangsar or at the Influence Conference….

Our worst fears and concerns were realised when it was quite apparent two hours after the bazaar opened that human traffic was gonna be at a real premium. We would’ve used that time to kill some flies, only that it was so hot even the flies decided to take the day off… by evening time, the vendors had a meeting with the organiser and it was decided that the combination of bad location, bad ventilation, and very bad traffic, that the Sunday event would be cancelled.

So, we would really like to apologise to our bFFs (bFF = blatant Friends and Fans) who either wanted to go on Sunday or actually turned up in some cases only to find that the Sunday event had been cancelled. We also extend our apologies to those who turned up on Saturday only to find out we were setting up shop in a sauna section of Lot10… =(

We do solemnly swear that in future, we will do more homework to scrutinize the events that we choose to participate in… once again, our sincere apologies.

It would be easy to dwell in all the doom and gloom, but we must admit that there were some positives to come out of all this… for example, we were able to clown around…

We even managed to get some Aussie visitors who came over to our booth to check out t-shirts and also our wedding card designs….

However, the funniest shot of the day was to come.. this was during the late afternoon, early evening period where the heat has all but got to our heads and we’re pretty high on heat… our most loyal bFF came and then we kinda just took the time to joke and entertain ourselves…

Do keep checking our facebook and our website regularly as we will are targeting another venue for September which has not been confirmed. Once confirmed, we will let you know and also announce what other good stuff we’ll have in store for you… =)

To view more photos of our booth in Lot10, you can head over to our PHOTO PAGE.
To order our t-shirts and other blatant© paraphernalia, head on over to our ONLINE ORDER PAGE

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