Howdy and hello our favourite bFFs! For those who are not accustomed to our style of blatant©Speak, bFF = blatant Friends and Fans! Oh yes, we’re hoping that you’ve got the dates blocked out already…

We’ll be part of the Youthopian - The Marketplace this Saturday, 8th August and Sunday, 9th August, from 12pm - 7.30pm on both days. With the organisers apparently having managed to get 30 vendors and this event being advertised on Lot10’s website and also on Time Out KL’s website, we’re really excited!

Oh by the way, if you purchase anything, ANYTHING of any value at all from the bazaar, you will be in the running for a lucky draw! The top 3 prizes are apparently still secret, but there will also be goodie bags being given out.. not too shabby eh? =)

Again, we’ll be located on the 6th floor of Lot10, in a converted carpark right opposite the Food Hawkers in Lot10. Don’t worry, we’ve been assured that there will be people passing out leaflets and also posters about the event, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the place.

Here’s a really simple map of the 6th floor to show you where we’ll be located…

And just in case you’re coming from outstation or you’re not too familiar with Lot 10, here’s really simple map of the location of Lot 10.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section… if not, see you there!

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