The day started off well… ok, maybe it was a little hazy, but at least it wasn’t raining. Nothing sucks worse than having to transport and transfer goods in the rain. It’s a logistical nightmare that we wouldn’t wish on even our enemies…. =)

So anyway, we reached and the weather was still nice and in fact, not very sunny. Check out the photo below that we took when we reached MIST.

We got our booth spot and promptly proceeded to set it up. Usually, we would bring along a clothes rack to display our items. But this time, we decided, why not try it out WITHOUT the clothes rack? People are always so used to seeing things hanging from a rack, it would be something to be able to display our stuff without it… so yes, we decided to display our stuff in a different manner.

We had 2 tables… The first table was 3 feet x 3 feet, which we dedicated to our t-shirts, our main product. The second taller table, was a round bar table which we used to display our car hang tags, the promotion for our keychains, and also a little area where we could show off our customised wedding cards. If you notice, we had a little black board which read blatant© wall. Basically, the blatant© wall is the physical version of the wall that everyone is familiar with in facebook. We just wanted to let friends, fans, passer-bys and anyone for that matter who wanted to say hello, or just sign the board. We must thank our friend Jaime who actually suggested that idea in jest over an online conversation, which we took to heart and ta da! the blatant© wall!… heheh…

Anyway, the crowd started trickling in from 11am, although there was one particular lady who was already scouring the area as early as 10.30am! But by 2pm, the crowd was definitely swelling and everyone was just looking for a good deal.

We had lots of visitors to our booth, hopefully because our designs were nice =), but it probably also had to do with the fact that 90% of the other vendors there catered to the female species only, whilst blatant© was one of the few vendors which actually catered for both. So it was good to see both guys and girls coming over to our booth and giving us a chance to explain our designs, and what we’re all about.

We were getting a healthy mix of sales from people who already knew about blatant© and also people who just met us for the first time at the bazaar. So all in all, we’re happy cause our existing customers liked our new stuff, while we managed to reach out to a whole new market segment as well.

For those of you who weren’t aware, we actually used this event to launch FOUR brand new t-shirt designs for the blatant© label. You can see the designs in our photo page, and also in our online order page where the pictures are much clearer as they focus on each design specifically.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the bazaar earlier than we wanted to because we had another prior appointment which we could not miss, and this is where we had good friends who came to our rescue and take over from us. They were pretty impressive because they still managed to sell our merchandise even when we weren’t there.. kudos and a big thank you to Thomas and Daniel for sacrificing their Saturday to help us out. Also, thanks to Daren, Yuk Meng, Alvin and William who also came to help out after that…

All in all, we’re very satisfied with the bazaar event and we’re definitely looking forward to the next one. Do let us know your views, thoughts and comments if you have any.

For those of you who want to see more photos of the event, do visit our PHOTOS PAGE.

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