Sometimes, loaded questions like these are the ones that are hardest to answer. There is no textbook answer, and a subjective answer doesn’t really cut it most times either. But that exactly what we were tasked with doing.

Our clients knew the questions they wanted to ask, they knew the theme for their camp, but they didn’t know what design would go well with the questions and the theme in order to publicise their upcoming camps for 2009.

We had worked with this client previously in 2008 and we’d like to think that they liked our work, which is why they came back to us =). In any case, they suggested doing postcards that could be sent out as publicity material. The challenge was how to create something that would embody their theme: human.

After putting our thinking caps on and providing the proposal, our final design proved to be something that the client liked and perhaps some of you may have received these publicity postcards….

We’ve decided to be a little more creative in our photo display and thus decided to compile them into a presentation style format… we hope you like it!

Don’t forget, you can always contact us via email here: admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com, even if it’s just a query or a quotation… have a great weekend folks!

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