What makes a wedding special? Some say it’s how grand it is, or who makes it to the wedding celebration. For us over here at blatant© believe that the personal touch is what makes a big difference, which is why we’re big on customised wedding cards. Otherwise, you might as well source for ready made cards. Yup, we tell it like it is… that’s why we’re blatant©… =)

Anyway, back to this week’s custom series, this week we’re gonna talk about the card we did for a very romantic couple. The story goes like this… The handsome prince wanted to propose to his princess, but he wanted to do it differently. He actually went through pains to draw their memories before finally proposing. Romantic eh?

When we were approached to do their wedding cards, the couple wanted something that would include the proposal images. It was a great joy working with them because they gave a lot of input and were very easy-going. So we discussed, designed, proposed, and it was agreed…the result is a rather unique wedding card:

The drawings that were used in the proposal were digitally redrawn and added on the first fold of the card, along with the line: “since we’ve spent SOOOOO much time together…”. Little eyes were added to the letters “O” because it just added to the cuteness of the card.

The inside fold of the card shows the drawing of the couple getting married (based on drawing in front) with the punch to the statement in the front… “we might as well spend the rest of our lives together”.

Green was used as the main colour because their wedding theme colour was green and it would only be fitting that we created a card that would go with the actual wedding day colour theme.

As you can see, this will be a wedding card that even when this romantic couple look back in 10 or 20 years’ time, they will look at the card fondly, remembering the day when they decided to “pak toh” together for the rest of their lives…

It was really satisfying to know that the couple were very happy with the final product and we will try our best to continue making couples happy.

You can always request for a meet up by emailing us here: admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com. We’ll be more than happy to show you our portfolio, offer ideas and just discuss over a cup of coffee or tea. And yes, the first meeting is totally FOC. Curious yet? =)

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