When dealing with youth, the designs always have to be something that will be attractive, and not the typical norm. This was what we had in mind when we were approach to design the t-shirt for a youth camp.

The theme that we had to work with was: “Breaking Through”. Now, when you think about a theme like that, the first thing that comes to your head is always a glass breaking type design. But we wanted to think of something that would be somewhat more human… more personal…

So we ran the proposal by our client, and they thought the idea was something out of the ordinary and agreed!

Black is always a favourite colour, and more importantly, it’s also a very safe colour when dealing with youth… and this is the end product:

The idea behind the depiction of “breaking through” is that there is a person inside of that t-shirt that is dying to break through. This person is still in the process of breaking through, hence why only the hands are visible “tearing” through the t-shirt…

Grey is used as the background to show that the person is breaking from somewhere deep down, and it also acts as a good foil to accentuate bring out the red and white words….

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s custom series posting. Remember, if you would like us to create a design for you, for anything from t-shirts, to wedding cards, to posters, the first step is always to contact us at admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com and we’ll take it from there!

Have a great weekend folks! It’s great to be back….

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