The common adage that is frequently quoted is that “Life is a Game”. Along with that phrase come the usual explanations that you can’t take life too seriously or it will kill you, or that you gotta approach as if you were playing a videogame with all its options……blah blah blah

However, when you realise that your future is decided by the choices you make today, or that some people literally live or die by the choices they make, us folks here at blatant© are less inclined to think that life is a game.

And this is why this month’s blatant© t-shirt release is entitled: “LIFE IS NOT A GAME”

Everyone, including you and me, have but one life to live: NO restarts, NO pauses, NO timeouts, NO bonus lives to stock up on.

Of course, spoofing this very old video game pretty much puts the gloss on the irony that we’re trying to portray…. =). If you don’t know which game we’re talking about, you’re probably:

    A) too young to know
    B) too old to remember
    C) not an old school video game fan
    D) spoilt…… just teasing.… =)

As usual, the t-shirts come in the normal sizes: baby-t for the ladies, and S until XXXL for the dudes…..

Believe it or not, we are STILL selling our t-shirts @ only RM29.00 (excluding postage charges), the same price that we began with more than a year ago, despite the fuel price hike and subsequent reduction, and despite the bad economy! Honestly, we don’t know how long we can continue to sell our t-shirts at this price, but we do appreciate all the support you’ve given us thus far.

To order our t-shirts, please go straight to our ORDER PAGE

NOTE: Area51 has moved out of 1-Utama and the new location has not been finalised, so for now, blatant© is without a physical home. Read more HERE

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