For many passionate fans, 2 Nov 2008 marked the beginning of a LLLLOOONNNGGGG mourning period until the magical date of 27 March 2009 came along… for those still in the blur, 2 Nov 2008 was the date the Formula 1 (F1) 2008/09 season came to a close….. and 27 March 2009 will be the start of the F1 2009/10 season….

But it’s not just the F1 race fever that seems to be taking hold in this part of the world. If you would’ve noticed around you, F1 shirts seem to be the rage these days. IT companies, delivery companies, even certain high ranking bank officers seem to have taken a special affection to this style of shirts…

Well, blatant© was asked to come up with a simple design for this groundwater specialist company in the same vein. Their specifications were simple: it must be a colour that will not dirty easily, formal enough to be worn by the corporate staff but also can be worn by technicians and field workers, and must have their company logo as well as their suppliers’ logo…..

There were a few things that we decided the course designing this shirt…. Firstly, we didn’t want the design to be too plain because it would look boring. We also decided against the colours of black and white because white would get dirty easily while black would kill the technicians who needed to work under the sun.

In the end, we proposed a 3 colour design that we produced for Drilco Technologies:

Here’s a close up of the embroidery work…

Well, if you’re already roaring to go and get your F1 shirt for your company, organisation or even your group of friends, then your first step is to drop us a mail at admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com. From there, we’ll design something that will have you grinning all the way from the office to the Sepang racetrack!

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