We still remember, Saturday, August 2nd 2008… it was a historic day. It was the birth of a new beginning…. And yet, today all we have left are memories….

Perhaps some of you who were shopping around in 1-Utama last Saturday would’ve noticed the papers pasted on the windows of the Area51 outlet….

At 10.00pm, 28th February 2009, as we were standing inside its premises, Area51 ceased operations in 1-Utama. And with its demise, was also a setback for blatant© and its presence in 1-Utama…..

All that was left after the clearing up was this…. (which probably had some of the girls drooling.. heheh)

But to those who are asking, “What now?!”, “So how la?” and other similar questions, let it be known that our cooperation with owners of Area51 has not ended. Area51 is currently in negotiations for a new location which is currently undecided as yet. Once they confirm their new location, we will let you know as well….

On our part, we are also looking for an extra venue while Area51 continues with their negotiations so bear with us ok?

But in the meantime, our ONLINE ORDER is still active and alive! And we’ll be launching our new design VERY soon so stay tuned!!…..

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