And so, today’s story is about a couple from different ends of the spectrum. No, not in terms of personality, but quite literally… =)

Of course, both were slim and beautiful in appearance… but the main thing that made this couple stick out in a crowd was the fact that the guy was really tall while his bride was really… erm.. let’s just say she wasn’t well endowed in the height department…

So, when they wanted to get married, they thought that artwork that emphasized their short and tall combo would be something cute, and they also requested for a more cartoon-ish feel about it….

Based on their requirements, this is what we came up with (their names have been blurred out to protect their identity)…

Something worth noting is that again, the simplicity is what brings out the beauty in this card… you buy some nice fancy paper sheets (please don’t paper from your dustbin!!!), ribbon, and tracing paper (transparent type) and voila, you’ve got something that looks really great..

And the best part is, all the tastefully done decorations only served to make the design more eye-catching…. And, they reproduced the design for their wedding ceremony cards as well.. using the same fancy paper! Looks great doesn’t it?

So, excited about creating your own wedding cards yet? If you’re ready with an idea, drop us a line at admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com and we’ll be happy to be part of your wedding card preparation!

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