So, the back to work / school blues is upon us again… Christmas has passed.. and now Chinese New Year has passed… 2 out of 3 major holidays have come and gone… but it’s ok, we should be grateful that we’re still able to live in peace and live comfortably…. =)

After last week’s post about wedding cards, we’re back to talking about t-shirts today. As you know (at least we hope you do… heheh), blatant© has always been in support of those who are underprivileged or need help.. hence the reason why our tagline is: “brand with a conscience”. This is also the same reason why we’ve been trying against almost all odds to charge very reasonable prices for our merchandise…

Late last year, shortly after writing a post regarding Amnesty International Malaysia, we were approached by them with regards to helping to sponsor t-shirts for their event which was in conjunction with International Human Rights Day and the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We agreed and these t-shirts were used during Amnesty’s event at The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market from 12th – 14th December 2008… (click on the images to enlarge it)

We were unable to post about it during that month itself because it was a seriously mad rush month for us and we barely had time to breathe, let alone do a posting on the t-shirts we supplied to Amnesty…. =)

But we’ve finally done it and we do apologise for the delay in the posting.

Remember, we at blatant© may not have the vast resources of many other MNCs or NGOs, but we are sincere and serious to be part of something that will help those who need it. If you have an initiative / project / event that you would like us to help out in, do drop us an email at admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com

blatant©, supporting those striving to make a change.

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