Of late, many people have been asking us why never told them that we were into designing and desktop publishing…. I dunno about you, but I thought that was pretty funny cause we state it quite clearly in our CUSTOMISE page… perhaps it’s not blatant© (all pun intended… heheh) enough….

We will continue to highlight the customised jobs that we have done for various clients in the following weeks under our custom series. But since it’s been the season of LURVEEEEEeeee lately, we will be focusing on the current flavour of the season… WEDDING CARDS!

Here are some sneak preview photos of previous designs done for your viewing pleasure…

We will be covering each of the designs plus all the other designs we’ve done in more detail in the coming weeks, so don’t forget to keep checking this site regularly….

… till then.. have yourselves a GREAT week ahead!

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