Just FYI, 2008 has been given the cold shoulder and 2009 is now the hip and happening year…. Pity ol’ 2008… but oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay for having one entire year named after you… =)

Over here, we at blatant© have also finally shrugged off all the holiday blues accumulated over the many days holiday-ing and taking a much needed rest…. And we’re now ready to face 2009!

To kickstart the new year, we’ve come out with a new t-shirt… and a blatant© one it is. If you enjoyed our hang tags… you’ll definitely like this one…

Yes folks, the “bullies are sissies” design has made the transition from hang-tag to t-shirt!

Available at the same price we’ve always been selling our t-shirts, feel free to ORDER THEM ONLINE or head over to the Area51 in 1-Utama….As usual, the sizes will be from baby-t all the way till 3XL…

Happy New Year 2009!… it’s good to be back!

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