Mention the word sissy, and most people will instantly think about that kid who’s always getting picked on by the class bully. Sad, but true. Or is it?

The thing is, the more we thought about it, the more we disagreed with this notion that sissies are those who get picked upon. In fact, we are pretty convinced that the REAL sissies are those who prey on those who cannot defend themselves against such bullies…. But what could we do about it? Could we do something about this?

The answer is YES! We may not be able to stop bullying per se, but heck, we could definitely do something to speak out against these bullies…..and so, we’ve come up with something that we thought would resonate with many others…

We don’t care whether these are bullies who take advantage of the smaller kids in school, or those who beat up defenceless wives, or those who think that driving a bigger car is license to intimidate other road users…

So, for all those who are like this….

…..this is what we think about all this hogwash…..

Oh yes, we’re not mincing our words about it!…

In addition to speaking up against those who bully others, we also thought we would revisit a theme we approached earlier in the year… SUICIDE….

Our suicide t-shirts are almost out of print and since we’re not planning on reprinting just yet, we thought a hang tag about it would be able to make a pretty huge statement as well…. Especially when it’s sitting on the rear window of your car!

Interested? Get these car hang-tags for yourself (and / or for someone you know) for only RM9.90 each at Area51 in 1-utama (They’d make great presents too!! *hint* *hint*).

NOTE: At the moment, we are not selling these hang tags from our online order page. However, if you are not staying in the Klang Valley / Malaysia and would like to purchase these hang tags, kindly drop an email to admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com. (Minimum order via online purchase is 5 pieces)

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