Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that seem to cause the biggest problems, won’t you agree? For example, if you accidentally left your tap on full blast in your kitchen sink, this usually wouldn’t be a problem (unless your pipes are faulty-lah)… but if you forgot the simple task of unclogging the sink before you left, then you would have BIG problems when you come back. That wonderful dinner is just about to turn into a horrible nightmare…

And so, it seems to be the same with love. Everyone wants it, most people have it or have at least experienced it, no one wants to live without it, and yet no one can fully claim to understand it. If love is such a mainstay of our lives, how come we don’t seem to be able to fully comprehend it? In fact, you know what they say? They say that love makes you do crazy things!…

In celebration of this crazy little thing called love, a bunch of stage actors and ctresses known as the Footstool Players are presenting this play called… well.. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Now, before you just eagerly go ahead and condemn this play as just another run of mill love story, you might wanna take a look at a couple of pictures from the play….

This ain't your normal love story...

Love isn't always easy

The play is actually a collection of stories that are presented in a down to earth manner, but with generous amounts of humour and a simplicity that makes it enjoyable.

Here’s a videoclip taken from their interview on NTV7:

No superstars in this cast lineup, but with the backing of KLPac, Domino’s Pizza, LiteFM, POS AD Group and Empowerment, it’s something definitely worth checking out.

The unfortunate thing is that, because it has taken me this long to post up this article about the play, there are only 4 shows left (they’re performing at KLPac):

Venue: KLPac, Pentas 2

Price : RM30 / RM20 (students, senior citizens and disabled)

14 November 2008 (Friday) 08:30 PM
15 November 2008 (Saturday) 03:00 PM
15 November 2008 (Saturday) 08:30 PM
16 November 2008 (Sunday) 03:00 PM

Apparently, from some inside sources that I know of, the tickets are selling out pretty fast, so if you’re interested in catching this play, I would strongly suggest you start calling up KLPac to book your tickets now…

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