Wow…. it’s already November! Who would’ve thought that in just 2 months, blatant© will be celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary! Now that’s something to really forward to… at least for me anyway =)

Blatant's One Year Anniversary

Anyway, our sincere apologies that we haven’t been able to update our website posts as often as we’d like to. There have been an increase in workload with regards to our corporate clients, and we just successfully upgraded our website to wordpress 2.6.3 (we were previously running on wordpress 2.5). Yay!

Now, to the heart of the matter….Starting from today, we’ll be introducing a new segment to our posts. Known as the “custom series”, these posts will showcase the work that blatant© has done for our corporate clients. Many a time, we’ve had people ask us to show them the work that we’ve done for other companies, in addition to the ready to sell line that we have. In fact, there are many who do not even know that we offer customised t-shirt printing and also desktop publishing (posters, buntings, advertisements, etc) designing and printing services!

Today’s edition of the custom series will see us showcasing the design work done for a teenage camp. Called teen street, this was the final artwork that was printed and distributed:

Blatant's design for the OM's TeenStreet Camp 2008

We are also in the midst of printing their camp t-shirts, but it’s not finished yet. Once the t-shirts have been printed and delivered, we will let you folks see what our designs looked like!

If you want to know more about the type of customised design and printing that we offer, please visit our customise page. Otherwise, you could always drop an email to: admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com

Once again, we do appreciate all kinds of feedback that is constructive, so don’t be afraid to post what you think or feel. Enjoy the rest of the week and may it end quickly.. =)

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