Do words like TIMES NEW ROMAN, COMIC SANS MS, IMPACT and TAHOMA sound familiar to you? If they do, congratulations, you are definitely a FONT freak!

But imagine if these fonts weren’t just alphabets that form a word? What IF these Fonts really lived and breathed just like you and me? In fact, what if the Fonts themselves had conferences to decide which new applicant could join the established Fonts fraternity?

You can’t? Well, I couldn’t either.. until I was referred to this video about “The Font Conference”:

It may not catch on with those who are not familiar with the various different types of fonts, but for those of us who are heavy users of various fonts, this humorous videos probably struck a chord with us, especially with WING DINGS! Oh, how misunderstood he is… =)

Hopefully this helped to cheer up your day!

A big thank you to Jason Ding for providing us with this hilarious video!

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