Mention the word MERDEKA (that’s freedom in Bahasa Malaysia), and most people would reminisce about the immortal image of Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring that Malaya had achieved independence from its British colonial masters. The words he proclaimed “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” while raising his right hand in triumph would probably be playing in our minds’ eye.

For those who were too young to remember this or were not around to catch this live, watch and be proud! (I actually choked with emotion watching this):

The video is slightly blur and problematic, but for something that was recorded on reel 51 years ago that has finally made its way to youtube, I suppose all of us can make exceptions for the quality =)

Growing up, learning more and being affected by events around us can take away what this country has given us. And sometimes, we probably need unlearn all the rubbish that’s we’ve put into our heads and learn from kids about what’s important and what’s not:

This is my country that bleeds her blood through my veins
This is my country and I will fight for unity
This is my country and I will not forsake her
This is my country and may God’s blessing be upon her

This is our home, this is our land
For our motherland, fight till the end

Our different colours will not make a difference
We’ll treat each other like a sister or a brother
We’ll work together hand-in-hand, we’ll make our stand
We’re fighters, we’ll take on any crisis

This is our home, this is our land
For our motherland, fight till the end

Malaysia will always belong to ALL Malaysians regardless of race, colour or creed… let no one tell you otherwise.

Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!

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