More often than not, rockers always get a bad name because the majority of them indulge in really lifestyles that have no moral values and set a bad example for the younger generation. Images of them unashamedly taking pride in their boozing and sleeping around is not something that many people can agree with.

However, it is a classic case of generalisation and a few bad apples spoiling the entire basket. And it is very refreshing to know that every now and then, there are the few shining examples of rockers who use their fame and visibility for good use.

Check out this video by Nickelback singing the song “If Everyone Cared” and I’m sure you’ll see another perspective of what rockers and singers such as themselves, Phil Collins and Bob Gerdolf have done to try and make this world a better place. The video is a little dated (Dec 2006), but it’s never too late to spread some good news right?

For those of you who read our post about Amnesty International, watch the video and you’ll get a little more information about them….

The impact of this music video is amplified by the fact that Nickelback’s recording company Roadrunner Records actually supports the spirit of this video by pledging to give 100% of the proceeds of the streaming video to charity. This is what they wrote:

“If Everyone Cared” explores the idea of everyone joining together to make the world better. All streams of this video generate money, 100% of which go to Amnesty International and International Children’s Fund Canada. Help out these worthy causes by sharing and embedding this video anywhere and everywhere.”

So go, and make a difference….

PS: How many of you managed to make it for the Read While Waiting Project (RWP) last weekend? If you were there, do send us the photos that you took cause we’d love to let the rest of world see photos of this project… send your photos to admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com.

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