Imagine a world where every human being is able to exercise his / her freedom and is protected under the Universal Declaration of Human rights… doesn’t sound too hard does it? Sounds like humanity is almost there right?

Well, here is some information that will help put our worldview in perspective:

As of 30th May 2008, humans are still being tortured in at least 81 countries, face unfair trials in at least 54 countries and are not allowed to speak freely in 77 countries.

Awake yet?

These abuse of human rights are not happening in some far away country where you do not know the country… it’s happening in some of the biggest countries and in countries that could just be next to ours…

As part of our goal to be a conscience to community, blatant© is proud to introduce Amnesty International to the masses, and especially to blatant© readers.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International was established in 1961 through the initiative of one man to help two Portugese students who were unjustly imprisoned. Over the years, Amnesty International has become a major force with a global membership of 2.2 million members in 150 countries.

Closer to home, Amnesty International Malaysia was established in 1999, and started with a total workforce of 1. Yes, One. Satu. Having been around in Malaysia for some 9 years, Amnesty International Malaysia is part of the changing Malaysian landscape that refuses to bow to injustice and that is shouting for change in the treatment of not just Malaysian citizens, but humanity as a whole.

Amnesty International Malaysia

Besides highlighting local issues, Amnesty International Malaysia is also involved in highlighting incidences and cruelty that continues to rear its ulgy head all over the world, including in so called first world and developed nations….

Here’s a good example (the words below the picture is absolutely hillarious!):

Against detention without trial

Going against the mismanagement of Zimbabwe and the injustice done to its people:

Against Mugabe

Speaking up against the atrocities in Myanmar…..

Against torture of the innocent

Against the death penalty in Iran:

Against the death penalty

And last, but definitely not least… here’s something familiar:

Towards Human Rights based policing

Amnesty International has taken the bold step of speaking up for those who cannot. We may not be able to join Amnesty International for whatever reason(s), but we can certainly speak up against injustice and defend those who cannot. After all, as part of the human race, these are our brothers and sisters who deserve justice and freedom as much we do.

For those who are interested, this was an Amnesty International Malaysia video report on Malaysia in 2007….

Read more about Amnesty International Malaysia here:

For more information about its parent organization (Amnesty International), visit their website here:

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