UPDATED 3 Mar 09: The Area51 outlet in 1-Utama has ceased its operations on 28th Feb 2009 and therefore, blatant© products are no longer available in 1-Utama temporarily. Please continue to check our website regularly for our new location and updates!

However, blatant© products are still available for purchase via our ONLINE ORDER page.


No, blatant© didn’t have a booth in 1-Utama. We went one better: You can now look, touch, feel ALL the blatant© designs before you buy em. Yes folks, blatant© now has a physical presence in Area51, 1-Utama.

And just to make things sweeter to mark this event, blatant© will be selling ALL t-shirts from Area51 @ only RM25 each for the whole of August! Yes folks, no additional charge for postage, you get to feel the actual products before you buy it, and at a discounted price of RM25!!

blatant @ 1-Utama

So, where is it?

For the comics and collectibles fans, they would definitely know where Area51 is. For the rest who want to check out blatant© t-shirts and also Area51 merchandise, they are located here:

Area51, Lot S331, Level 2,
The Bazaar @ The Oval,
The New Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Center

Here’s a very general map of the 2nd floor in 1-Utama about the location of the shop:

Area51 location in 1-Utama

You want some nearby landmarks? Area51 is located in the same vicinity as The Japanese Buffet Restaurant Shogun, the gift shop S&J, and next to Studio 78. Perhaps some of you would know where this glass display case is:

Area51 displaycase @ 1-Utama

If you still don’t know where it is, there are two words left for you: INFORMATION COUNTER!!!! =)

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your car keys and get moving already! (HINT: Parking @ 1-Utama is FREE on Wednesdays for the duration of the Mega Sale Carnival!!)

Lastly, our sincere thanks to Area51 for this opportunity for us to work together!

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