One of the wackiest articles that has ever been posted here was the article titled: the blatant T-SHORTS© phenomenon that was done way back in April of this year. Boy did we have fun doing that one… =)

But anyway, having done that, after the laughter and guffaws, we just forgot about it. But just recently, guess what? T-SHORTS© was spotted again! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke.

The joke however, is that the blatant© T-SHORTS© was bundled together with pictures of other shorts. Even funnier, was that the picture was put under the title “The drunken Kung-Fu video”! Don’t believe it? Look below and be a believer:

We’re not putting the link to the actual article because it sure looks suspiciously like a dodgy website. But if you’re really dying to see it for yourself, drop us and email and we’ll email you the link….heheh.

I mean, when you think about kung fu, images that spring to mind are like an uber cool warrior like dude with bulging abs and terrific stance….

Even if you can’t really see the wonderfully sculptured muscles, the style is also something impressive to behold:

And it’s not just the body that maketh the kung fu master. It is also the skill that leave you in awe:

Even a kid can look cool doing it:

But this????

So, what do you think? I’m sure all of you would agree that the blatant© t-shorts look way better than those other “kung-fu” shorts right? =). Even if you don’t think so, at least our picture is listed under “drunken kung-fu videos” and none of the others are! Hah! =)

Well, we do hope you enjoyed the laughs and managed to help you get through the terrible Monday Blues!

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