Well, now that the new blatant© t-shirts are out, we’ve decided to compile a list of questions that have been commonly asked into an FAQ style post so that you guys don’t have to ask in hushed tones behind our backs! heheh… =)

The blatant© June 08 collection launch FAQ:

1. Are there guy sizes for the designs?

Erm… well, these are t-shirts made for the girls and even the sayings on the t-shirts are for the ladies, so it wouldn’t have made sense to make any guy sizes for the designs…

2. Who is the model for the photos?

Well my dear friends, that is what we would call a secret!… and that’s all we’re gonna say about it… =)

3. Why are there no guy designs this time round?

We originally started off with something for the ladies, and then as time went on, decided to totally devote this launch for ladies’ designs. Personally, we are pretty happy with the end product …. We’ve managed the V-NECK collar, design emphasis even to the small details of the background.

But don’t worry, we will be coming out with more designs that the guys will be able to wear as well, so don’t kill us yet! =)

4. Are you guys feminists?

blatant© is not in any way feminist or male chauvinistic (just to cover all bases). We created these designs because we liked the idea of lending support to females and having designs that would make the ladies feel good about themselves.

We do not create designs merely to appease any one group / belief / ideology. We create what we ourselves believe in.

5. I want a free t-shirt too!!

We have already identified our 8 winners of the blatant© free t-shirt contest. So unfortunately, for those of you who were late in visiting the website, there are no more free t-shirts for now.

But, something else you can do is to buy it! That’s not the end……

Then take a photo of yourself or your friend wearing the blatant© t-shirt and send it in to us (admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com). If we publish your photo in our website, we will give you a 30% voucher valid on your next purchase! Now, how’s about that? Read more about this HERE and HERE

6. Can blatant© ship these t-shirts overseas?

We definitely do! However, the buyer will have to pay for the cost of postage and handling, which if you are in Australia, UK or US, it’s dirt cheap!

In fact, we are always on the lookout for distributors overseas. If you are interested, drop a mail to: (admin[at]simplyblatant[dot]com)


If you have any further questions that you need us to answer, please feel free to post your questions in the comments section and we’ll try to answer you ASAP!

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