We’ve had Iron Man in the movies lately, we’ve had Spiderman, Batman, Incredible Hulk….. and the list goes on. Sadly, there is a race of superheroes that never gets enough publicity. It’s funny because this superhero community exists all around the world, and all of these heroes work normal lives…but they’re SO good at keeping a low profile, Marvel, Vertigo and DC comics don’t seem to know they exist!! They are an elite squad known as the Super Mothers Of Modern Society, more popularly known as: SuperMOMS©

Ever noticed that most of our comic superheroes all have self-doubt issues, and most of the time, some sort of inferiority complex. However, one will also note that all these superheroes very rarely have SuperMOMS© in their lives, and that probably contributes to their low self-esteem. If they had SuperMOMS© like you and me, this world would be free of crime! Yups, Iron Man would sell his iron to the scrap metal factory, Superman would relinquish the title of “Super” (and henceforth simply be known as “man”) and Wolverine can finally go get himself a decent haircut and shave. Yes folks, the power of SuperMOMS©.

SuperMOMS© are not jobs that are applied for. It is a calling that will be known when after specific chemical reactions take place, they realize that something is growing inside of them. That’s when SuperMOMS© get boot camp training and a probation period of 9 months carrying a heavy parasite (that’s you and me folks) that feeds off their food supply and never says thank you.

Finally, upon graduation from the SuperMOMS© boot camp, they are charged with the safekeeping and upbringing of the very parasites that were used in during boot camp. This is a task of global importance, for the little parasites that are not cared for and nurtured become monsters of society. However, given the proper care, education and love by SuperMOMS©, these parasites (yes, it’s still you and me) have a chance to achieve great things in life like becoming t-shirt designers and superheroes without any inferiority complex issues.

So, what have you done for YOUR SuperMOMS© lately?

To mothers all around the world, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and we parasites LOVE you! (what’s for dinner tonight?)

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