Now, it’s usually not that easy to find people who would POSE for a photo.
It’s even harder to find people who would pose for a photo PROPERLY.
But to get people who pose GREAT for a photo, along with their partners, now that’s PRICELESS!.

Check out these photos folks….

the blatant© couple
the blatant© couple advertisement

They not just look good together, they make our t-shirts look great. Aren’t they cute? Everyone now (gush it out please)… aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww…so sweet!

Congrats to Janet who submitted the photos. She will be receiving our blatant© e-voucher which gives her a 30% DISCOUNT on any purchase of blatant© apparel! If you want to get in on the winning, keep sending us those photos folks!

For those of you still in the blur, read more HERE!!

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