Here’s something to kick start your weekend. If you have other musings or facts that you’d like to add, put them in the comment section (not the chatbox this time because the chatbox doesn’t archive)… who knows, we could have a part 2! =)

    1. One of the definitions of t-shirt in the dictionary reads: “a lightweight, usually knitted, pullover shirt, close-fitting and with a round neckline and short sleeves, worn as an undershirt or outer garment”. I dunno about you, but my t-shirts definitely don’t fit too close to me fats… there’s just something nauseating about it….eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

    2. If Americans had it their way, they’d probably tell you they created the universe (just teasing… heheh). However, the idea that Americans invented t-shirts may not be entirely true. Although they definitely innovated it and publicized it, it can be said that t-shirts in its original form was as a light cotton UNDERSHIRT that was used by the European soldiers during WW1 while the americanos were busy sweating in their woolen uniforms… and then they got jealous….

    3. The term T-shirt was coined from the fact that the shape of the T-shirt looks like the letter M…… of course it’s the letter T!!

    4. There is another prevalent school of thought that says that the origins of the name t-shirts was coined by the American soldiers (again???) who called it Training-shirts… which popularly became known as …… (no prizes for getting this right)

      a. training-s
      b. shirts-that-look-like-the-letter-T
      c. shirt-T
      d. none of the above of course (it’s called overgarments ya’ll! Word!)

    5. How come grandfathers always love to scold kids and teenagers that t-shirts are not presentable enough, and yet they get to walk all over the neighbourhood and drive to the local pasar (market) in their pagoda singlets???

    6. Why can’t babies fit into baby-ts??

    7. T-shirts do not pollute the earth. Once a t-shirt can’t be worn any longer, they can be reincarnated as rags! They’re good quality 100% cotton too!

    8. How come t-shirts can be used as headgear, but headgear can’t be used as t-shirts?

    9. Desperate situations call for desperate solutions… presenting: the t-shorts

    10. We’ve got T-shirts but no A-pants??? What, pants don’t look A enough for them???

We had a lot of fun doing this, and we’re waiting to hear from you too! Happy weekend folks!

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