Did anyone wake up this morning with this scenario? You woke up like normal, brushed your teeth (if you do that is), took a bath (I realised there are people who don’t!!), and then went to work like normal… and yet, at the back of your head, you’re wondering, “what on earth is supposed to be happening today?”

Let’s digress a little..There is something really weird about human behaviour that never fails to amuse even the best of us (excluding behavioral scientists) and that is the fact of how we humans like to blame others for failures we contributed to …… We curse our cars for breaking down on us in the hottest of weathers when the fact is that the car was last serviced 4 years ago. We hate our lecturers for talking gibberish even though we were the ones who failed to prepare for the lecture. We blame our genes for our short-sightedness but grew up with our eyes constantly just inches away from the tv screen and computer monitor. With such amusing behaviour, who needs aliens?

Today is WORLD EARTH DAY and we believe that it is high time that we humans start taking our earth and its environment seriously instead of blaming some other country or some other person. For us here at blatant©, we hope that we have managed to raise some awareness about our failure to protect mother earth. So, next time, before we curse the flooded drains that is bursting its seams (due to rubbish that we humans throw in carelessly), condemn the extreme heat (caused by all the heat reflecting glass windows of skyscrapers around us), or bemoan the fish that are getting smaller and more expensive (due to over fishing and sea pollution), perhaps we’ll think of what we humans have done to cause this, and how in our own small way, we can help to remedy this.

How we treat our earth today will determine how earth treats our children tomorrow.

IN OUR NEXT POST: How to get discount vouchers for blatant© t-shirts! (don’t worry. This is NOT the contest to win free blatant© t-shirts)

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