It is DONE! It is finished! blatant’s spanking new website is finally completed and rolled into production…. all the hard work has finally yielded some the fruit of our labour.

Ok, aside from the facelift that has happened and the beans that were spilled, what else is there? We’ve got loads of new for you to play around with:

    search function in case you ever need to scour the world of blatant
    RSS feeds so that you’ll always know when there’s a new update! (teddy, this one is dedicated to you!)
    social bookmarking is enabled, so you can digg it, facebook it, del.i.cious it, technorati it, etc.
    comments are enabled for individual posts, helping to make simplyblatant more interactive and personal

The possibilities and potential for simplyblatant is quite literally, endless. This has been made possible by the fact that now runs on the powerful yet still user friendly wordpress 2.5 engine. A special mention must be given to Moses Francis, wordpress guru extraordinaire, who not only provided the base for our new design, but was also patient in helping to iron out all the tiny details and bugs. Admittedly, there are still some issues which seem to be unsolvable, but hey, that’s what upgrades for right?

blatant’s new website works best when used with:

    Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.14
    screen resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels

Do let us know what you think about our new webdesign and comments if any. Also, do let us know if you encounter any bugs (not literal ones, thank you), or if you have anything else that you need to say here because no one else will listen to you anywhere else.

P.S - Do keep an eye out for the competition that will allow you to win a cool blatant t-shirt!

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